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Mon, 02 Jul 2012 {12:10 am}
Moving to a new web hosting provider. The people I had been using got too expensive. Now I'm in a plan for 4 years at $1.99/mo (1/4th the price I would have paid per month). It about seems the only way to keep the prices down is to move to a new provider every time it comes up for renewal. That way you get the teaser rates which are typically one half the normal rate. Oh well. If you are seeing this, then the DNS records have already propagated. Woot.
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Sat, 26 May 2012 {1:11 am}
Well, I got the LCD a couple days ago. Unfortunately while trying to remove the digitizer/LCD assembly from the rest of the phone (it's glued in) I damaged the digitizer. So now I need a new one of those too.

I also discovered that there is a gel-like sticky oily substance between the LCD and glass/digitizer. I'll probably try to sell the LCD I did get and try to find a set where they are already put together. I imagine otherwise you're going to get stuff stuck between the screen and the glass.

In related news, my replacement Galaxy Nexus is supposed to arrive tomorrow. So yay? I'll now only be out money instead of also a phone.

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Sat, 19 May 2012 {12:47 pm}
The new LCD is in the states (and has been since Tuesday). It is apparently sitting in NYC, presumably waiting for customs processing.

I've been turning on my phone every couple days hoping that the LCD will spontaneously start working again. Well, yesterday when I turned it on I noticed that the LCD is in fact working. The back light, however, is not. So, if I hold the phone up to the light at just the right angle, I can make out what's on (a small portion) of the screen. It is at least mildly usable. Probably for like a music player or something where I don't have to observe the screen much.

I decided to get the Galaxy Nexus GSM (which I had been eying for a while, especially after the prices started plummeting in March). I will hopefully sell the Amaze 4G for not too much of a loss after hopefully successfully repairing it.

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Tue, 08 May 2012 {12:05 am}
Well, the display is completely dead now. The innards appear to work though (it connects to my WiFi network and appears to receive cellular calls), or so says the debug log output from ADB. I can't tell that the digitizer is working either. Maybe if something in the display itself is holding water it would screw with the capacitive screen? In any case, I'll try to see what a ~$45 LCD screen from China will do.
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Sat, 05 May 2012 {11:41 pm}
I dropped my phone in the toilet a couple days ago. Am attempting to dry it out. After ricing it and fanning it for a day, when I turn it on, it just shows the HTC boot screen for a moment, then flickers and goes black. I have disassembled it now and might try soaking the motherboard in some isopropyl alcohol for a little while (I've heard that this can help, though it might simply be a display issue at this point...). Ung. :(
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Wed, 15 Dec 2010 {11:53 pm}
It's been a while, but I got a new laptop so I thought I'd post about it. It's not a better or faster laptop than the one I already have, but it is a free laptop. Google is giving out a bunch of cr-48 Google Chrome OS laptops to test out the software before they try to sell something similar. They're still taking applications until December 21st (I think) and you can apply for the pilot program here. I guess it is really more of a netbook considering it doesn't keep anything but the operating system and required dependencies (perhaps a bit more) on the local machine and it pretty much is just a web browser. But it supports chrome extensions, which work kind of like apps on other embedded devices.
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Sun, 28 Feb 2010 {1:27 am}
Quite a lot has been done since our last visit. We came after dark, so we don't have any exterior photos. Not a lot is different on the outside anyways. They've finished drywalling and the "resilient" flooring is in. All the light fixtures are in, along with all of the electrical outlets and light switches. The water heater is installed, and the electric has been turned on. The heater was running and the house was a warm 74 degrees. The kitchen cabinets have been installed, but not the counter tops or any of the appliances. All the bathrooms seemed to be done, or nearly so. The basement had quite a bit of water on the floor, but I think it had something to do with the fact that the yard grading hasn't been done yet and water was building up around the sides of the basement walls.

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